Cushion Diving (1/3)

Thich Nhat Hanh says : ‘Mindfulness and the Holy Spirit both help us touch the ultimate dimension of reality’.

These are elements allowing us to experience life from a deeper perspective. Both of them clearly imply a sharp transformation in our approach to life and both place acceptance at the heart of it.

Sitting practice has a very special way of cooking our personal lives, made of cultural, educational, emotional and mental material into a subtle meal, fully customized, yet definitely universal.

Lately, the door of my meditation oven has opened to a profound similarity between the Holy Spirit and Hishiryo : these require the same inner positioning from the practitioner, one of humility and acceptance, and both trigger the same liberation inside the human heart.
Based on the food provided by the cushion-kitchen, I must let go of any prejudice or ready-made beliefs and notice the Holy Spirit and Hishiryo call for the same response in me.
One of faith, gratitude and infinite peace.

Of course, we have to breathe our way further down and allow our practice to leave surface issues of naming and defining or claiming identification to such and such territory.

Franck Joseph

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