Cushion Diving (3/3)

See Cushion Diving (1/3) and Cushion Diving (2/3)

I’m asking you to move down a few notches below words.
Down enough to see what words do to you and how relevant they may or may not be..
At this moment, when you are watching the glittery surface of the water from a deeper perspective and observe its mesmerizing effect on you,

Ask yourself how you may possibly have given a name to God, discussed his properties…
How limited of you it was to wish to organize God so as to make Him fit in your mental shoe box.

When you can see the surface of water and the hypnotizing games of light and waves,
This means you have already started to swing closer to the depths of reality.
you’ll understand with the heart that God — the Holy Spirit, your True Nature, Mindfulness —  can not be summoned because He has never really left the place a single moment.

Awe, Faith, Gratitude and infinite Peace.

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Franck Joseph

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