Cushion Diving (2/3)

Down, where names lose their artificial soothing properties,
You name objects to keep track of them in your mental chaos. You organise this chaos with tags you assemble and disassemble.
You use names to copy reality and take it away with you.

Names are the pictures in your shoe box. You open it to summon people and things where they are absent.
This has turned into a habit, so encrusted you now find yourself  watching pictures of people standing in front of you.

When you say ‘God is this’, ‘God wants that’, you open the box and pick one of the dusty and fading photographs you have in store.

This shoe box is your mental, physiological pool, our mind frame.
The photographs are the language and sub-language — psychic precursors. They give the impression  you’re holding onto reality when you’re just tampering with a couple of toys from your childhood, or worse : from someone else’s childhood.

You are constantly sorting them out, placing them in order, then you rearrange them in a way you find more convenient or you’re feverishly checking pictures are still where you believe they are supposed to be.

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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3 commentaires

    1. Hello thanks for your message
      I guess we’re all the toys of our childhood. There is no alternative until we notice it. It is part of a process…
      Have a good day


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