The Power Behind Fear

In a large part of stressful situations or inhibiting reactions implying a phenomenon of fear, we can see it is due to the level of power we grant to the person or the situation impulsing fear.

The observation from a wider angle, e.g. through meditating practices, allows to put the reality of this power into perspective. It is much less the person or the situation creating this feeling than the grip we believe those have.

Here, faith and knowledge can help :

-Faith in an alternate distribution of power, revealing a lesser concentration in the hands of the alleged beholder. Eventually, he will have fewer possibilities to act than what we would have initially expected (or than he himself claims/believes to have).

-Knowledge, because it widens the spectrum of the unknown (the more we learn, the more we understand there is much out of our control, therefore reducing the grip of those people or situations of fear).

Here’s a short list of such situations :
-a monstrous figure in our childhood
-a professional situation
-a phobia,
-a context of global crisis…

Franck Joseph

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