What ‘Night Life’ ?

I sometimes feel sadness towards people who claim to party through the night…
They believe that mindlessly hopping from one place to another until the sun comes up makes their life more intense.
Is the intensity of a lifetime correlated with the number of hours spent refraining from physiological sleep ?

Lying down, when the sun has set,
My nightlife begins as sleep arises
The unseen appears coating the sweetest secret
Shared by each being, yet ignored by most.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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2 commentaires

    1. Very true….Or, feeling generallly anesthetized, you need extra stimulation to actually feel something.. hence the search for loud sounds and blinding lights…

      Of course this wasn’t meant to be a gloomy criticism of joy and fun, but a reaction to behaviours through which people waste their energy.
      ‘Getting wasted’ is often the point or these partying spree..

      Thank you very much for commenting,
      Have a very nice day


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