The Call from Beyond

The Call from Beyond, The Secret Gallery
That you follow from the depths of your being
To the Being of the Depths

Is the Prayer of the Heart,
The ‘Gate Gate’, the ‘Ong Name Guru Dev Namo’,
The ‘Shanti Shanti Shanti’, the ‘Abba’,
The universal Om,
It is Shikantaza, the Presence.

It is the Buddha’s non-attachment
Through space and time, the only prayer,
The only practice there has ever been.
All teachings essentialize practices
All practices essentialize the teachings.

Zen is nothing else but this :
Taking the hand of the Father
Embracing the Self

There is no other prayer,
No other practice.
The joy is so profound, so direct
So radical and intimate,

That there is nowhere else to go,
And no one to follow.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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