The Challenge of Modern Times

The global spread of technological tools — smartphones, tablets, PCs … is mostly due to the fact these are all screen-based devices.

They actually provide a screen to our true nature. They are the screen behind which our flickering sensitivity is hiding.
These tools offer the perfect alibi to our emotional fragility.
Our heart is crouching behind these blue light surfaces.
There, it can keep beating without being trampled on.

It takes a whole lot of courage to cross to the other side of screens.
Not in the barren virtuality of digital worlds, but over, to the real world, waiting on the other side of plastic cases, the world which comes to life as we lay down our screens :
The others, husband, wife, child, colleagues, the unknown person.

This act of bravery introduces us to the most incredible adventure :  the others and ourselves.
On this quest, our only resources are our torn-apart sensitivity, our quivering fragility.

Lay down the phone, and look up.
Here lies the real challenge of modern times.
Switching — everything — off 
And standing alone in the Now.

Truly alone
Alone, truly.

Here, to the truth
Body, mind,
Soul, and beyond.



Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved All these articles are available as books here : RECUEILS

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