A Way out of Burnout

I believe one of the reasons why our professional activity causes so much fatigue is that it operates like a scrambler jamming our natural frequencies.

This situation is all the more obvious when it applies to a contemplative soul.

This activity, through its pace, its lingo, and its productivity-centered mindset does not allow the expression of the ‘shift’ specific to the contemplative soul.

Like an ill-set chorus effect, this generates a deep tiredness, a weariness which appears impossible to offset. This may manifest both through physical and mental symptoms.

Is there a way out of this deadlock ? Can we dwell the frequencies of our natural range ?
This is not going to turn off the ongoing professional scrambling device… it will keep damaging our structures, unless we find space for the expression of our inner contemplative shift.


The success of the hold this environment has on us may lay in this absurd and signature obstination at the core of people’s behaviours within organisations.. As years of experience go by, we end up forgetting about this aspect.

Our focus has progressively been attracted by the activity to which we dedicate an ever larger number of our living hours.
It does not come as a surprise when this results in depressive phenomena.


It is possible to sustain our spiritual practice and deepen our rooting in our natural range.
It is possible for those two fields — professional and psychological — to overlay and amplify each other…This is fulfilment.

We must go through an inner shift in the way we have to invest those hours of professional activity…to let them become the application field of our spiritual practice.
This shift is so much more than a personal arrangement. It is not a desperate way to cope with a challenging reality : it is the embodiment of our practice, the enhancing factor in our work.

Without this sphere of application, our spiritual life would be nothing but a barren land,
nothing but kitchen tiles washed with bleach ten times a day, with no children ever crossing the room, no dog to shake itself after a walk in the mud, no meal ever prepared, no food ever shared.

Without spiritual practice, our professional activity is nothing but a stupid enslavement.

Harmonised with the practice, the obstinate drilling of professional frequencies fades away.
The perspective on our activity changes entirely.
Through this inner shift, the perception of priorities is utterly reset.

The scale of values in now solidified by practice and internally defined.
We now gauge the various elements of our days in the light of this scale only and are not longer subject to emotional swirls induced by other people

The troubled agitation, the coarse strings attached, self-product placement initiatives, self branding moves…. None of those has hold anymore.

Franck Joseph

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