From Loneliness to Sharing

Matthew often wondered what had made them end up being together.
He questioned this even more as the form of this gathering started to pitch and relentless gusts of winds forced them to lower sails.

Loneliness. That was the answer.
Each of them was lonely for very different reasons, and both had built their personalities around this loneliness.
It is startling to notice how loneliness can bring people together.

It builds bridges, and weaves very close relationships. These bounds are tightly intertwined by what is left unsaid, because unsayable.

From this loneliness unwinded much reserve and a spirit of wild independence.

Over the years, this loneliness had thickened and become integrated to their basic mode of behaviours. It had also given their relationship a perspective which made all other relationships seem dull.

He sometimes wished they could have come together for other reasons.

Maybe it was time for this sharing of solitude to evolve into another form..
Less centered on loneliness and more grounded on sharing.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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