The Mixing Deck of our Soul

People talk about different music styles.
Yet, in reality, the difference does not lay in the elements of definition we bring up in terms of harmonic or rhythmic features. At least, not as much as we are used to thinking.

It also resides in the way we have to listen to them. Everytime we come in contact with a music style, this latter activates a micro-rotation in our inner wheels, a tiny yet decisive swivelling in our gears to enable or inhibit our receptiveness to the sound flow.

For instance, instrumental meditation music requires a different inner setting than jazz, classical, or reggae music.

This seemingly trifling move, both subtle and swift, is also partially set in motion by the sound waves infiltrating our bodies.

This is why somebody’s tastes in music enshrines so much valuable information : 
The range of their ability to exist through the various parts of life’s spectrum,
The places they are the most familiar with…
The recesses in the spectrum where their intimate being likes to snuggle up,
Their suppleness along life’s different modes,
Their vanity, at times.

This is often much more telling than all the  words batches and their usual artificial packages.

So how do we listen ?
What happens inside of us whenever we come across a music style or when it’s imposed on us ?
What changes does it trigger in our inner equalization ?
What are the parts of the mixing deck that are most resistant to our soul’s fingers ?

Listen and learn. That is a practice.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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