The Freeing Perspective

Would there be anyone to tell me or show me in which fold from the Big Consciousness Cloth I have once again let myself be trapped ?

In the swell of this useless wave, I whirl until the break of dawn.
Never before does it seem to be ready to drop me off on the Shore of Sleep.

How can it be tightened again ?
Can we shake the cloth back into shape, both of us, in a repairing flow,
before laying it properly folded ?

I am this Cloth, I can see it,
The backwash of my body,
Damaged against edges
What would I think of
If I were jailed for real ?

Our free Self can see
The other’s imprisonment
Right here, underneath.

The moment I feel it
Folds don’t matter anymore.
Nor does the wait for a tightening hand.

The stagnation pool has become a neutral point
And is set back in motion by the Freeing Perspective.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Oct. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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Translation : Adam and Franck Joseph.

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