Freedom Under Lockdown

Oddly enough, this note was written in December 2019, in a time when ‘lockdown’ referred more to sci-fi movies or exciting video games atmosphere than to something actually likely to happen to me.

As I am turning old pads into future posts and come across this note, it appears that, on some level, I was making myself ready for what has been my life for almost a year now.
Looking back, I believe we all were, individually and collectively.
Today, this short note is a great help to me. May it also help you find a way to practice.

Having no other choice but to live inside,
Therefore inviting ourselves to inner life.
Turning inward and finally being handed over
The invitation.

The practice of silence allows the emergence of cries otherwise muffled by everyday noise
Space limitation and social relaxation, open onto the worlds that worldly life ignores.

I find my way to freedom.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Dec. 2020 – All rights reserved.
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    1. Hi Ananda
      Thank you, again…
      I’m trying to access your most recent articles (the ones I read a few days ago…)from my cellphone but they don’t appear on my screen…have you removed them ?


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