What Do I Do With Sensations ?

What I need to do with vedanas (1) is : …nothing.
As soon as I attempt to deal with the ‘vedana phenomenon’, I have no other option but to initiate a relation with it.

This relation to vedana is the origin of suffering. Interacting with vedanas is a sure way to a more or less subtle experience of coastal flooding…before being dragged back offshore in the endless meanderings of currents.

Do not treat ‘vedana’
Do not yoke to it.
Do not try to lessen it.

See its arising, twirls and vanishing
Let it be what it just is.
Gently rest in the Center
Whatever vedanas do
Doesn’t change much.

(1)Vedanā is usually tranlated as « sensation. » In general, vedanā refers to the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations

Franck Joseph
©FJ Jan 2021- All rights reserved.
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