The True Dojo

Zazen is the room you go to
When you want to cry tears of solitude,
Or despair, tears of rage.

You enter the room and pour out all possible tears,
Then breathe again, at peace,
Until you forget you had so much to cry about.

In Zazen, you find the strength
To return to the world,
And to do what you do.

But beauty has seeped in
Your eyes, somehow.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved.
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      1. Because WordPress censored me, I couldn’t like posts and my blog stagnated.. I couldn’t interact with other bloggers and it was tormenting me. 🌹


      2. I do not know, In December I was blocked and they said they would never reply to my emails ever again..


      3. You should therefore find a server to host the blog, independent to wp, if you wish to continue..well..good luck to you…

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