« Are You Alive ? Yes I Am. »

This is a re-post of some notes taken 6 years ago.
As I am currently working on the publication of a book in English I’ve been led to browse some of this deeply buried content…And re-visit it somehow.
Well, I thought I could share it here…

How relieving is the moment when we dissolve the stones we used as we were building up our inner current against something.

This building-up process is a natural tendency of the mind…. the more water we retain the more satisfied we are. And the more we suffer.

What are we constantly doing?
Imagining non-existing phenomena or twisting real things and throwing them into the water just to build up some more.

We are then contemplating the artificial floods of water and mistaking them for our own density. We are taking this accumulation as proof of our own existence.

What we are actually doing is reassuring ourselves.
I am not nothing : I am that much water.
We are fooling ourselves, believing that if we have this kind of reaction, then we are alive.

The truth is we are not reacting to anything else that our own stimulus.
This is as pathetic as having the following monologue and talking ourselves into believing we actually talked to someone else.

Are you alive?
-Yes I am.

It is like walking on a desert prairie and compulsively building circular fences everywhere, just to make sure that in case someone shows up, they will know what’s ours and won’t trespass on it.

The truth is all streams end up in an infinite ocean,
And prairies are wild and fence-free open spaces.

Not even the sky is the limit.
Everything is already yours because everything is everyone’s.
Therefore nothing belongs to anyone.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2015- All rights reserved.
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