Unfathomable Wells of Faith – note

Very old note, among scribbles at the bottom of digital boxes 🙂

Really, the greatest gift we can offer someone is space (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Space for that child to be, to err, to find her place and to lose it again.

Space for that colleague to be different from us. This is so much more inclusive than tolerance, which is just a patient expression of expectations projected on that person.

Space for ourselves to be mediocre, brilliant, alone or shining, to just be our best selves, according to the moment, juggling with our conditioning, and more or less successfully trying to fly through this past and transcend it.

Space leads to faith, once we perceive that granting space to ourselves implies that space is for granted, space is free.

There is an implicit — but ever present — subject to that passive form.
There lies unfathomable wells of faith.

Franck Joseph
©FJ  July 2015- All rights reserved
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