Words on a Robe

What is paramount is to perceive the sameness of teachings behind the various talks and ‘reports’ made available by mystics or masters.
The lexical packaging is trifling.

What is conveying an even higher liberating potential,
instead of asking ourselves who among Buddhists or Christians (or …) holds the reality of the experience,
who is, in reality, a Buddhist unaware of being so, or, a Christian slowly losing their identity as such…

Getting out of territorial spirituality, that is the door to open.

The trick is, you only know it once you’ve opened it.
Realized beings should therefore be able to put on each other’s lexical garments.
The inability to do so, clenching reactions regarding a conceptual or lexical environment is a sure indicator of an incomplete experience.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved
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