Against The Tide

It seems that a prevailing rule among social groups is as follows :

The negative rubs off on the positive much easier than the other way around.
This rule may actually be the consequence of another one, applying ahead of the former :
The law of least resistance :

Water flows down the slope.
Walking up the slope requires an effort.

Humanity collectively keeps rushing downhill.
What is progress ? Evolution ?

Once we have gone beyond conventional elements of definition, we can notice the key step towards ever more lethargic masses, diving into screens and blueish lights, channel-surfing from one easy option to the next.

Some individuals, researchers, philosophers, enlightened minds, in a broad meaning, are flowing upstream though.

In reality, they are not disproving the exactitude of the above law of least resistance :
They are expressing it in their own way.

What is an effort to some, is an ease to others.
Following the stream, indulging in common social trends and quick satisfaction, would be a much more costly move to such people.

Having that inverted built-in circuit
Is a tremendous grace.

©FJ May 2021
Groupe de Pratique

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Ananda..I should have struggled more to make my point understandable…lack of effort, here..;)


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