Background Noise And Rec Level

There are times when loneliness is our choice
For the peace it brings.
For some beings, solitude is a practical solution for peace.

To those, distancing from the world results in bringing back tensions to an acceptable level

Their presence in the world is so thin than it can’t las to long without making them run the risk of being ripped.
There is no habituation process, no desensitization to be hoped for.

Such beings then withdraw from messy environments…
The same way we leave a room where the volume is so loud it physically hurts.
We are not discussing rational choices but mere short-term survival reflex.

The noise is often heard by them alone.
They are the sound box of the world’s stimuli : voices, movements, echo, bang together and amplify.
The noise does not change.

You are intimate with those sounds
And those sounds are yourself.
This noise is planted in the middle of my chest
And flows through my veins.

The noise does not change.
Yet, the recording level has been turned down.

Franck Joseph
©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved (text and photo)
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