Understanding The World

It is a mistake to think the world can be understood through a single or a combination of several analysis grids (economical, spiritual, historical…). This is a sure stupidity marker, an indicator of arrogance.

Stupidity consists in believing that bits and crumbs of information about the world (however skillfully engineered they may be) will be sufficient to offer a sufficient enough understand-ability of the world.
Phenomena are intertwined in such a complex, multidimensional, multi-factorial, manner that it is strictly out of reach, even to the subtlest and the most capable of our systems.

The other side of that incapacity is sheer arrogance.
Indeed, the conviction in an ability to grasp reality gives those suffer from such a symptom, an incentive to pour out their self-proclaimed knowledge on everyone.
Even though no one is really begging for any of it.

The closest thing we can ever have to an understanding of Reality is a confession of its incomprehensible feature.

What reveals the admission of Reality’s incomprehensible feature is a true wisdom.

Franck Joseph
©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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