When Pretending Collapses

You have always made do with pretending.
Today, pretending just won’t do.

Compliance with other’s pretending does not protect against anything.
It only pays the highest price for surface peace.

On hideous monsters down in the basement,
you’re only throwing a comforter woven
with fussy smiles, chuckles and chatters,
with pre-recorded laugh tracks.

Monsters feed on all this.

If there ever comes a day when
you feel like walking downstairs and sit in their midst,
you’ll soon realize they’re nothing – or not much.
When they stop being amused by your practice, they’ll just leave.
Then, you’ll stand up, look all around you and wonder whether
they have ever really existed.

For the time being, you’re giggling, counting and preparing,
shaking clammy hands and hugging flattened hearts.

Drip-feed happiness bags are almost out
and control panel red gauges have been blinking and for a while
but you’re not watching.

Franck Joseph
©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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Many thanks to all.

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