Which Religion Changes The World ?

A reputed difference between Buddhism and the other tradition I have crossed in my life is often misunderstood.
Quite often the external stress is placed on social care and empathy for the poorest : the concrete effort made to change the world.

Yet, the tradition I am now walking teaches me, through its central practice – just sitting – that in reality, it is changing the world, for it takes care of the heart of Man who dares to unravel their mind-terial.

Additional note : “Engaged Buddhism”… is often cited as an answer, a counterpart to Christian active charity. There is no interest for such a term.
If we conceive ‘sitting meditation’ as central to Buddhism, we should never have seen any form of ‘disengaged Buddhism’. Any practice opening onto a disengaged form of Buddhism is an unskilled practice, which leads you astray from the way.

Franck Joseph
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