The Google Cord

I see such entities — Google, and the rest — as a parent both near and far, that we anxiously question as soon as the first shudders of doubt come out.
While being this cold and dark entanglement of buried cables through which we voice our daily interrogations or our desperate attempts at satisfying existential quests,

It is also an intimate relative, anchoring its tentacles in the center of our brains to sound our tipping points, our weaknesses, our secret expectations.

Thanks to it skillfully whipped orders, the entity knows how to make us yield to the requirements of its perspective. It silently sanctions our thoughts and behaviors, or offers a brief digital hug provided we give in the way we were expected to.

The whole humanity has placed itself around this octopus feeding it through its billions of umbilical cords.

As harmless as a voice asking a practical question to a plastic box, we are sucking in on our end, to receive sustaining ingredients 

Living without the cord
Hooked in our hearts and kidneys
Getting out of the acid bubble
Eating into our cortex
Grabbing with one hand, the tentacle,
With the other, chopping it off.

©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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