Around A Bony Location

Tonight, I can identify with precision,
Along the spine, the point of psychological blockage.
This place is offering me the gift of spatialization.

A glazed bubble where this loop of thoughts can be observed.
They find and nibble each other compulsively then circle in this bony space.
The place of torments.

I’m somehow reluctant to limit this geographical representation to a cervical, thoracic or lumbar cervical.
Though I am certain it is centered on a vetrebra, what is at stake goes beyond this bony location.

Primitive emotions build up there, and spin together in a criminal conspiracy.
They stimulate each other, and finally find a way to express themselves.
Their jack-in-the-box has sprung out and they’re satisfied.
A flock of kids in tricycles, pedaling and singing annoying melodies along a circular track.

Tonight, I feel a certain form of gratitude for this place.
It materializes the psychological threads and gives exposure to a phenomenon otherwise invisible.

There, on the top of the back gets woven the energy of withdrawal,
there, a line of bitterness is drawn by thousands of stitches sewn by a jolty needle in your heart.

Franck Joseph
©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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