Now Is The Time To Start Existing

Compelled by the oppressive context of our collective daily life, the one to which, as a people, a part of humanity, we are tied, I have no alternative but to practice perspective.

To tell the truth, I do not know how to do anything else.
Therefore, I sit like a prepper, totally lost in the forest as he remembers the gestures so often rehearsed and techniques he has carefully read about in books.

I sit down, like a survival reflex.
This period we’ve lived as contemporary Westerners, during which we have promoted the satisfaction of desire by way of consumption to the rank of eternal normality, is in reality a radical aside of radical illusion.

The global events that are frightfully taking shape at breathtaking speed, remind me of this and hit with the forgotten taste of reality :

Existing means to be confronted with collapses (personal or collective) and to walk through them.
It is through our way of crossing them that we actually exist.
Without the knowledge of these collapses, there is no existence.

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