Down Gossip Abyss

A few nights followed
Now, in front of your feet,
the chasm begins to open.

A few faults, a scree, and here, it presents itself to you.

Gaping, the abyss of gossip and accusations.
The attraction you feel — note it.
You can still step back.
The magnetism will be less strong,

Your conversation partner jumped with joined feet in this hole of easy pleasures.

You, don’t join him.
At the bottom, heavy laughter
And bags of venom poured in a pot, gush, burn on the surface.

You also receive them, because it is necessary, in their eyes, that you too stumble
and drown in the round of acid rumors.

Once their pockets and hands are empty, their eyes stare back at the glass of banal sadness
which covered them before they poured out on the ground by their vilifying.

Now walk a few steps and put your coat of silence back on.

Franck Joseph
©FJ July 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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Many thanks to all.

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