Queen Of Terror

As a child, he had to be protected against her incomprehensible assaults.
She raised waves of chaos and yelled sounds of havoc,
under the crashing sky, she destroyed everything that stood in her way.

Today, he can see things differently.
The Queen of Terror is also the first person of this kingdom over whom she applies the reign of fear.
If you see this, then you’re out of reach for random blows of the swinging mallets.

They pass you through because you already live beyond these lands.
Then a capacity of reception and the serene possibility of being in presence arises in you.

Have you seen the anger that leads the queen to hold the mallet ?
It is true that silence and distance let the fires go out.

When everything has burned down, when there is nothing more to destroy,
will you be able to welcome her suffering?

©FJ July 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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