Prospects of Extinction

The virus is spreading and everyone wants it to end.
It tries to survive, to outlive everyone.
It struggles, mutates and end up putting out, once it has become incapable of finding the unfortunate host through whom it will be able to persist.

When we recover, it dies.
Should it remain within us, we would die from it.

For my part, for what bigger set am I the colonizing organism?

Agreed answer: planet earth.
Unexpected answer: the prospect of the colonization relationship is perhaps the result of an inability to perceive the whole in a reality broader than what I am able to propose today.

There is an interpenetration going on among various organisms and supra-organisms,
there is a participation in a whole in respect of which these considerations of extinction, of territoriality have no existence.

From this larger perspective, the loss of Human Being would be as neutral as the disappearance of a vague virus in a host population.

Franck Joseph
©FJ July 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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