Newtonian Desire And Our Celestial Bodies

Desire is the magnetic power which keeps together the composing elements of our ‘self ‘.
In proportion to its intensity, it joins and packs with more or less strength.

Sexual desire carries an impression of existence that is very convincing.

The individual who is beset by this desire is more involved in a quest for existence than actually looking for a sexual act in itself.

The same mechanism is running behind what we call combativeness, aggressiveness.
In reality, this is nothing less but an addiction to this feeling of existence, bringing about a need to position oneself within a conflict.
The gravitational pull of desire as such is what runs at the core of sexual engine. It is this very ingredient flowing in the anteroom of power.

Eventually, how can we exist outside of desire’s pull ?
Is there a field where our being can spiritually blossom, away from the diktat of desire ?

The problem inherent to desire, what entices us to further investigate here is the fact it is inextinguishable.
Barely had we believed this desire is quelled that in a counter swinging movement, it scatters us all over the place.
No sooner had we satiate this bodily call,
That a gigantic void, a diffuse anxiety
starts pulsing out from desire’s gravitational pull.
A distant imitation of life is then rising again.

Furthermore, entropy never forgets to implement its ruthless law on realities beyond –and prior to– language.

Over time, this pull, the drive of desire somehow fades out.
Our celestial bodies gradually put out.

Our hearts get colder.

At the bottom of our interstitial blackness,
Irreversible loneliness underpinning the worlds
Releases rumbling bass vibrations
Dismantling everything

Here, precisely is revealed the limit of the relation between the quill and the paper sheet.
In a felted slide I can point to the laws of suffering, but I can never write on blank pages for you.

Nobody can ever sit for you.
Jailed in Newtonian suffering,
You need to observe the last resorts of uselessness that obsess you.

And, from the Beyond-of-infernal-fields,
Finally touch Faith.

©FJ July 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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