Youth, From The Hallway…

I have already been far enough into the irreversible
and had enough occasions to deny it from the banks of sadness – I’m telling you :

Those years you believe to be eternal are not.
And the main feature of that period is to be crossed while believing in an eternity that they do not possess.

But like a seed of wisdom that you do not know what to do with, I’m telling you:
The one that today you think you still are, one day will no longer be.

And when that person slips through your fingers, let it go.

For you will not be able to access the gates of wisdom as long as you cling to the handles of youth. The suffering you will feel will come from the fact that you will actually be on the other side.

In this hallway between two doors.
Your youth has already retreated.
You already have nothing to retain.
It has already gone.

©FJ August 2021
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