Therefore I’m Bored

The boredom generated by those mass movies (those massively produced, targeting the widest possible audience) is not the result of some kind of a sudden burst of conceit or over-intellectualism.

Can I prove this ?

Those movie raise the level of distress to the power of ten.
No : If I feel such an impossibility to identify with any of the characters in such movies, it is related to the one-dimensional feature.

Those fictitious characters are single layered.
Yet, I’m not,

Therefore I’m bored.

The area of superimposition between the spectrum of being they occupy and the one going through me is far too narrow to retain my attention.
Barely have I superimposed the main feature of their psychological colors that I’m already turning away toward less restricted life experiences.

Watching those cultural products is a challenge the exact same way someone would try to impose a story while at any moment have I agreed with the intention of being told a story…especially when I don’t have the lightest idea of where I’m coming or going.

Confronted to these movies, I find myself holding the map of a neighborhood, a village, while I’m busy crossing continents.

Franck Joseph
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