Virus : The Disciples Of Fear

« We’ll never have a normal life anymore» : this is a mind-jacking title.

One more early morning hijacking. This is how it has been, for the last eighteen months.

I can see the disciples of fear hurrying along to serve their master.
Through each arrow slit in the media, aiming at me,
Shooting on sight.

Once again, I can hear arrows swishing by
So close to my heart.

Once again, I breathe a bit deeper,
And I remember…

These people need to understand
We don’t want their world.

Not now,
Not later,
Not at all.

They have chosen to follow Fear
This is not our choice.
It is time for us to acknowledge it,
To plant this choice into Reality.

Calmly, in the silence of our inner space,
Where reality emerges.

It is a mistake to believe it happen elsewhere.

Franck Joseph

3 commentaires

    1. Thanks Amber …
      Just a few simple lines written after reading this news title.
      I m so fedup with b…propaganda, words can hardly help.
      People have no idea.
      Those who still can do something have to take this decision and reclaim back power over themselves, mind and body.

      Aimé par 1 personne

      1. Absolutely, the shepherd is leading the sheep blindfolded off of a cliff.. Something is coming and we are living in a mass psychosis..


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