Describing God

If I were to describe God, I would say that describing God has no meaning.
God is over-qualified.
Since childhood, we have heard that ‘God is love’.
If I leave all the past ways of suffering open, on the path to the village of Words,
I see letters starting to assemble…They get together and shape bits of sounds, trying to reflect their lands of birth.

If I place my ear against the ground, I can already hear them approaching…They say He is infinite delicacy, He is the most perfect attention, the carefulness He shows when He enters human hearts.

If He takes so many precautions, it is because He knows how fragile soul elements can be and doesn’t wish to break anything, for the moment.

The unexpected twist of events occurs when it is precisely the mindfulness surrounding His approach which turns everything upside down.

God must really love His people to treat them with such high respect and equal care…

Universal and unique, at the same time.
This stable consideration towards all beings in which he dwells highlights the precious specificity each one of them expresses.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Sept 2021
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