Glowing Threads Of Upbringing

Bringing up a child, means to plant the smells, tastes, savors in the soil of their consciousness.
When it will later unfold the fabric of life, those layers of consciousness, soaked in the fragrance of education wil offer a resonance of the events and meetings taking place in their life.
The upbringing is a promise of depths in the harmonics that will constitute the fibers of life for this grown-up child.

Through the education process, parents are the writers of rhymes and associations in the future poetic wonders of the grown-up child.
They provide boxes of beauty photographs to allow later moments of breathtaking ecstasy.
Though upbringing, parents and children walk up a path, hand in hand, and, together, visit chapels along the stony ways.

Parents have a tremendous responsibility : choosing and creating, by anticipation, the experiences of a nostalgia in the grown-up child.

Nothing in this budding humans will ignite their souls with as much power as the incandescent threads woven between their adult life and the child they once were.

…Between the father he is
and the one he once had.

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