The Names of the True God

It is both sad and unexpected to realize, at the dusk of one’s life, that the god we have been told about, the one we have waved at, to whom we clung so tight,
is one more item added to the never ending list of concepts.

In our mind we give birth to such concepts, we feed them with books, speeches and talks, beliefs,
and then start to have a relation to them.
Once our eyes open on our unfathomable solitude, we understand that it has all been nothing but a an engine running in a vacuum, an awful drama cut off from any reality, unfolding toward a bitter end of ever increasing smothering.

In that (not necessarily) subtle mirror effect, no communication, ever.
Only a relation to one’s self.

Through the observation of lightning and intertwined mechanisms,
windows open to welcome reality and we move from relation to our self to a quest down a self questioning path, allowing the arising of the Other, non-self :

Purely Exogenous, Un-fomented,
The Spark lit atop dry leaves
Heating Being, Deepest Hearth,
High Extinguisher for blazing words.
Molten Heart

©FJ Sept 2021
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