Surface Emotions : Genesis

I have no idea whether the fact that people are getting so easily drowned in the surface waters of emotions is due to the nature and expression of some traditions (cultural emphasis on public display of emotional content, textual highlighting of emotionally dense phenomena…)
or to a personal disposition of members belonging to this tradition.

Since we can identify those eruptive and ostentatious tendencies across many – if not all, as far as I know– traditions, it seems to validate the second hypothesis brought forward in the previous paragraph.

We should keep in mind that the separation between traditions and members of those traditions is somehow artificial. It is hard to ever conceive a tradition once it has been drained out of its composing members.
Those latter’s behaviors are an emanation from their fashioning traditions.
Conversely, these people often become the engineers of traditions.

It becomes quite thorny to distinguish who, of the practitioner or the tradition was the first to contaminate the other with its emotional colors.

Whatever the tradition, the movement along the Way, is always one of a breakthrough towards the Heart of Being.

Franck Joseph
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  1. Drowning is not about the emotions but rather about the narrative that comes with emotions … Our culture is based on thoughts and intellect, so it’s not very surprising to see people drown in their ignorance and lack of understanding of the role of emotions in our lives…

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