Breathing Life To Scriptures

When Jesus says he has not come to abolish the Scriptures, but to accomplish them (“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them”, Matthew 5:17), this is awfully disconcerting for his contemporaries as well as for people of our time.

‘Fulfill the Scriptures’ : Jesus has come to give body and finalize their existence as Scriptures.
In his flesh, in his heart, Jesus has come to give life to Scriptures, this is causing much turmoil.
For people living today, it is often much easier to cherish them, to honor and sacralize them as Scriptures.

Easier not to actualize these texts in our lives, to voluntarily maintain them as pure potential.
Like a clothing item you’ll never wear,
To which you often think, to which you have learned to love thinking.

Jesus told us : these clothes of life, of joy, of boiling existence, I have come to wear them.
The courage of actualization.
The strength of Truth at play.

We keep a safe distance with the Scriptures, under the pretext of sacralization, we never really pierce through the surface.
How could we, without truly experiencing them, go through the depths of our relation to the Father ?

The words of Jesus are words of Life.
They were certainly perceived as blasphemous, arrogant for those who cherished a stack of dead letters.
We could allow to let this echo with the following word by Jesus : ‘I am the way and the truth and the life’.

There is no blaspheme, no arrogance anywhere else but in our own perception.
We welcome these spacious words in the narrowness of our mind field.
Should we be the way, the truth, the life, should we ourselves be here to fulfill, actualize the Scriptures in our life, we would instantly see the infinite love in Jesus’ heart when, through these few words he reaches out to us.

©FJ Sept 2021
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