Through Mental Lockdown

Mental lockdown – keeping individuals away from their familiar environment – can give way to a withdrawal syndrome : first, the anxiety related to a former habit will increase before eventually disappearing.

Mental lockdown is also a consequence of its physical counterpart and the proceedings to which this latter progressively gives rise.

The set of psychological habits and cognitive strategies become ineffective for such (mentally locked-down) individuals.

They end up helpless, unable to function in an environment where the consequences of their former conditioning and other psychological survival reflexes have stopped offering a grip on reality.

Actually, it is wrong (even though it can happen to be a temporary self-propping resort) to implement an alternative strategy.
The only alternative strategy worth implementing is the desertion of initial strategies, as they were inhibiting all possible alternative development.

Accepting, recognizing we are not able to maintain things as they were, then deciding not to opt for a substitution strategy : this will allow a deeper level of consciousness to emerge as the fuel making us able to function in a radically different environment.

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Many thanks to all.

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