Quintessence of Instruction -Notes/ Maharshi’s Poem (1/2)

First Verses :

Karma must ever yield its proper fruit,
For thus, it is ordained by God, Himself
Supreme Creator. Then, Is Karma God ?
No. For it is Itself insentient.

The extinction alluded to by the Nirvana is often understood in an erroneous manner.
It does not refer to the end of all existence, as a final objective of The Way (this would tend to trap disciples in a depressive spiral).
Nirvana refers to the extinction of all existences contained and defined by karmic spheres.
The existence has therefore transcended all karma mechanisms.
The extinction which occurs is an extinction within the realms of karma.
The existence has stopped occupying those places, where identification is the default mode.
It can now unfurl in ways beyond karma.
Beyond karma is The Beyond.

(To Reza)

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