Discursive Erosion

This is what exhausts the heart of Man and causes their ruin.
Activities, whether sound or not, drain our being’s resources after jamming them.

From the bottom of the lake, individuals, totally absorbed by the patterns of greasy textures playing on the surface, have forgotten how to read.

Specific requirements of those conceptual and discursive spheres such as the obligation of constant positioning, the quest for perpetual and ever elusive coherence, always drag them a little further away from the path.

The words, both vectors and substances, draw landscapes where tare being is supposed to frolic, more or less playfully.

They qualify, re-qualify and dissect. Words will always shape coherence, however unstable, and short-lived.

There will also come a time when, without a doubt, they will flush out all hidden inconsistencies.
Music, as well, often is also purely discursive.

Discursive, also, are our movements and action. They determine and cut spaces when words blur the mind, when notes irritate silence.
Our attitudes and gestures are another manifestation of inner chaos.

In vain, they endlessly seek to say, to segment, to reposition.
Words of words, words of actions or words of music,
So many aggregates,
Literally unthinkable
That we have to go through.

Through sitting,
Getting through speeches, concepts,
Leave the clouds no notes and words.
Abandon thoughts, sounds and actions
Let breathing come in and ventilate,
Infinity of non-thought, non-movement

©FJ Sept. 2021 – All Rights Reserved
Many thanks to all.

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