Dogen : A Space for Kindness

When Dogen says : ‘The wood does not know the ashes, ashes can look back at the firewood’, he points to the only reality there has ever been : the reality of the moment, and the necessity for everything to lay down everything on each out breath…projections of wood towards ashes, what will I be in ten minutes, ten years, fifty years ?

From the center to the self.
If only my youth could come back…

Anxiety and nostalgia, but also hopes and regrets are pure fantasy, fables, productions of common ignorance.

Through sitting, lay down all of this and let emerge the depths a usual and different mode of existing, where anxieties and regrets have the sufficient play area to unfold and can therefore no longer be the center of all attention.
True kindness can surface on lip corners, on eye wrinkles, kindness for ourselves, without which it is impossible to listen freely to cold ashes and cracked firewood in others.

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Many thanks to all.

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  1. I do know that state of being very well with a view of my past. First-hand I like to say that the aim to achieve is to transform this state into emphatic action/ motion of the body in everyday~night~life. You know even zen monks are working in their temple e. g. taking care of herbage or doing only so called dirty work …
    Thanks for being what and who you are

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    1. Hi Thanks for reading this…
      I had to read it again, for it had been programmed a while ago….And correct a few blips here and there (sorry)

      Thank you for these words by Alan Watts : they are really reflecting what I tried to point to.

      I must apologize, for, at this moment, I am unfamiliar with your writings and posts…I’ll try to compensate for that as soon as I have time.

      Yes, Zen monks are a real example of that ‘spirit’.
      so are everyday people really putting their practice in practice.
      Each of us, on any moment, can become the most accomplished Zen monk.
      Sometimes it takes full Zen Curriculum to understand this.
      Sometimes the most traditional teachings are zipped in a breath.
      I guess it is such a blessing not to ever really master any of this.

      Have a nice day !
      Thanks again,

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