Rolling Down Spiritual Hill

Matthew, once again had reached this stopping point.
He had let his heart melt under the fire of divine love.
Silent interview in which he had bathed body and soul.

Days went by and his lack of confidence had pushed him to give an awkward follow-up to this initial thirst.
Here, conditioning rushes in,
While in a self-induced way or under the effect of group stimulation, some get high on artificial emotions,
He had opened the door to those who had all the artificial stimuli within them: books.

From technical entanglements to a widening of the conceptual panoply, he once again forced himself to enter the rooms where infinite questions resonate, and to understand the anxiety of those who feel a needs a position themselves :

Rather this than that,
-Like this and not like that.

If he then saw these pitfalls looming again, it was because he knew that the origin of these existential anxieties was terribly distant from the conditions which had plunged him into such a serene bath of truth,
That none of the answers he could give had the power to fill his heart.
Each of them being barren territory, one that he would have to defend or leave for another land.

©FJ Oct 2021
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