Spirituality Coat

He’s moving about slowly – He needs to be looked at.
By hanging a mysterious smile to the corner of his lips, he hopes to summon, in the eyes of his peers, the admiration which rises when practice emerges on the disciple’s face.

Matthew had ended up wearing the coat of spirituality.
He covered himself with factitious clothes and simulated the result to better fake the progress along the path.
Yet, he had gone far enough on this path not to sincerely believe he had arrived anywhere.

For a long time, he had threaded quotes of wisdom and benefited from the favors this cognitive bias according to which a speaker is supposed to understand the object of his speech.

Why did he still have to play spiritual masters in his way of moving around ?
A few minutes ago, sitting on the meditation cushion, he was prey to all possible torments from a mind that kept tackling him on every side like in a wrestling match where the horizon of victory has definitely vanished.

Through appearances, he attempted to gain the surface of his being and colors from the depths.
Here again, surrounded by disciples in this place of practice, bathed with incense volutes form a recent sitting session, he still had to resort to an act of communication, a mere attitude.

Whether this attitude has to do with spirituality or not does not change a thing.
It simply coats it with a varnish of nobility, making it even harder to notice.

Still asserting oneself,
Still calling others to hear us
The act of communication is echoing our solitude,
A deep wave of instability hatching out in a laughable line of our face.

An awakened being has no communication plan, no strategy.
The wisdom in his eyes, the peace of his smile
are not hiding anything.
They are the form of unobstructed wisdom.

©FJ Nov 2021
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