Magnetic Screen

Among the unexpected side effects of meditation practice, we can observe an inexplicable and radical loss of interest for all scenarios and staging delivered via movies and series.
No sooner has he been confronted a few minutes, than the disciple feels the utter uselessness of all these.
Through sitting meditation, this disciple has become familiar with the way his psychological magma and various sufferings which can be created by those programmes.
The controntation with those artificial stories add a layer of complexity, likely to fully polarize his attention.
Furthermore, those contents move and feed the fires of his mind activity,
they lock him up inside the jails of identification and rejection. They condemn him to sustain this frustration experience.
This may also be due to the passivity inherent to these contents.

In his practice, the disciple has experienced the magnetic pull constraining his attention to water down in the boiling spirals of thoughts.
Such an intake of non-chosen material does not exist through paper supports (reading).

©FJ Nov 2021
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