When I was ten years old, I believed in paradise.
The Christian one,
The Muslim one
The Jewish paradise,
And I believed in the ‘reincarnations’ of Tibetan Buddhism…
I believe in all of these. Not successively, but simultaneously.

I agreed with them all. I believed that each person had the after-life they projected.

Today, I do not change anything in this early belief of mine.
It is still vividly awake in me.

The adult perspective I now have on the belief of that child I once was, is surprised that such a ‘living together’ may have occurred without seeing any of these paradise gain the upper hand.
The truth is this OR that,

This position is a preliminary step to further developments allowing the fulfillment of what I see today.
Mahayana Buddhism already was in gestation inside this space that welcomed all spaces.

This early natural belief was teaching me about the different levels of truth and the resonances between similar spheres of consciousness.
All these truths were real.
Yet, they all were illusory.

To the eyes of the Pilgrim, they are the after-life he anticipated.
In the eyes of a realized being, they are illusory bubbles where beings feed their illusion.
From the heart of Ku,
From the heart of emptiness,
This is to be contemplated.

©FJ Nov 2021
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