Meta Coherence

In the process of content production, the necessity for consistency acts like a tyrant, highly efficient and totally ruthless.
Without a doubt, consistency structures reality and allows travelers to move along.
This consistency initiates a relation with, or a reflex of appropriation of, the recipient of this content (political, pedagogical, marketing…)
It cannot be anything else but limiting, for its nature is limited (precisely because of its constituent elements (following linear representations, dialectical reasoning).
Yet, we can also note that an approach of reality via consistency is also what partially allows, through getting out of the previously set frame, an expression of freedom, not by using a non-coherent manner, but the unfolding of a spirit of meta-coherence.

Such a bend in the road is often taken in a clumsy way leading to situations of a flat inconsistency (such as what may be the case with modern art, or grueling teenage attitudes, devoid of grace or any potential other than mimicry programmed by our cultural environment.
In reality, behind this fake freedom, we only find expressions of counter-coherence (very coherent, once you get the full perspective).

Zen, and sitting can sometimes lead to such a movement of our mind.
May the bend in the road open onto the full range of unhoped-for dimensions, treasures of knowledge and not send disciples in a wall of bricks.

Franck Joseph – ©FJ Dec 2021
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