Walking the Cell in Circles, Seven Times Before You Speak

Fundamentalists have a head stuffed with obsessions
And their look has been made opaque with railings and narrow bars.
Can we perceive this boorish fundamentalism in the one dropping his anathema from the balcony ?
Who is this person applauding ? What kinds of blue lights screen their eyes from the world he describes ?
Their minds are full of gusts and useless toys.
Their grids are painted with colors. That’s all there is.
But they’re locked up behind bars.
Once they’ll have walked in circles seven times around their cell,
They will see how far off-track they have been sent by fundamentalist views, how will they hide their despair ?

©FJ Jan 2021
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  1. I was of that persuasion, for a time. Too long. The obsessions are fed by prejudice. Prejudice is fattened by cruelty. Cruelty is begotten of fear. It is a mindset that claims its source in some incomprehensible love, but flows rather from the desire to control. It is a wilful blindness that has forgotten it could ever see.
    But some manage to open their eyes again. Eventually.

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