Psychology And Just Sitting

One wishes to help others, it has a therapeutic purpose.
The other has no objective, no claim whatsoever.
It has no ambition other than just sitting. What happens beyond this sitting practice has nothing to do with the scaffolding of a system, no strategy.

Meditation practice does resort to skillful means, acting like a supporting platform in a smart, transitory manner for suffering beings.

In the apartment of their psychological structures, a suffering being bangs into furniture every time they cross the room, hurting themselves a bit more.

Psychology offers to move furniture, to change the layout so as to prevent the suffering beings from scratching their existing wounds.
Psychology redecorates, with this person, all the shelves and repaints the walls to the colors of life, to help him feel better and able to function again.

Whenever the practice of just sitting opens the door, it brings a cushion of seeds to our suffering.
Doing so, it offers an opportunity to realize we have never been locked up in the apartment in which we believed we lived.
The narrow modality of existence has actually never been.
Sitting appears as a footbridge to a wider modality, along which beings are invited to carry out a consciousness investigation.

Franck Joseph – ©FJ Jan 2022
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