Piercing Though The Shell Of the Mind

Agitated for thousands of years, passionate by thousands of matters, her mind always on the look-out, Julie leaps from one emerged rock to another.
Her voracious appetite keeps her learning.

There is not a single nook in her brain which does not respond to this call to conquer the world.
Her curiosity is only equaled by her attention ability.
Julie throws herself in tunnels, in wells of knowledge.
Yet, she never seems to be able to emerge from any of these holes.

However demanding they may appear by their crevices and recesses, it never keeps her from diving in, with taht same appetite, armed with the same wild curiosity, bottomless attention over the shoulder.
Julie, in reality, flees the world.

What she is really after, are the days running by, which she thread into the cords of her life.
Everyday filled that way adds an extra distance between her and the world.

Before that night, when the wave of passions overwhelmed her completely…
What she had sensed the preceding days, when each passion was fighting for the first position in her mind.
Stranded on the shore by such a violent wave, left unable to function in her daily life,
she realized all this inner movements were the shape taken by her immense fragility, so as to be compatible with the outer world.

Since it was the place that life had chosen to arise, this was the place she would investigate,
The circle she would occupy.
Surrendering, really, and starting to meet reality,
The other, this is what deserves her full attention.
And her fragility is not the bottomless resource she had to protect through going after the world.
Her fragility is the unit of life itself, the support for life.
It keeps transforming, with no end, It regenerates and passes through.
In our mindful relation to others, we enjoy the connection of two fragilities.
Through relation, lives embrace and feed each other.

No longer isolated self-feeding passions,
Siloed and meaningless mechanisms
Eventually bolting out of control
Until knocking off their axles
Leaving a worn-out heart.

Through relation, liquids start flowing again.

Our sitting practice helps us come back to our center,
It anchors the chain of our buoy to the depth of our being,
So we can help others swim out of agitated and mistreating waves.
May they be able to lock their eyes to ours,
May they be relieved by our gentle smile.

©FJ Jan 2022
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