The Horse-King

That mental strength…Harness it with the right saddlery.
In itself, it is already a serious difficulty, for some people’s horses can be so young, excited, so powerful.
Stallions unbridled since the dawn on time.

The second issue is even more demanding.
When the previous step was the result of a practice to which disciples yield, out of passion or because one feels the unspeakable profits in their inner economy.
A task, a study area, a passion, … a body-mind practice.

The following plane is will consist in choosing the cart one will decide to pull.
More precisely, this is about transforming the initial carriage into a disciplined cart, so as to allow it to follow a horse whose nobility transcends the constituting forces of the carriage,
A horse so lordly it will enthrall them all.

Then, the initial harness of fear will come undone and fall on the floor.

Mesmerized, all horses will follow the Horse-King,
Who is this Horse ?

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